Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Food include in the room rent ?

Answer: No, we have a dedicated food vendors for both north indian and South indian will be charged separately as per guest need and will be delivered in their place.

Q2: Is Eb bill included in the room rent?

Answer: No , we have a separate submeter for each room whatever the reading comes will be shared for the people who are all staying in the room.

Q3: Is there any restriction on timings?

Answer: No, 24/7 guests can use the facility.

Q4: Is there any other additional charges other than EB?

Answer: No, we don't charge any else.

Q5: Visitors allowed to stay?


Answer: No, we dont allow visitors to stay in order to maintain the safety of our guests.

Q6: Hospital, super market, busstop share autos are near by?

Answer: Yes, all are available in walkable distance.


Terms and Conditions:

1. Personal ID Proof, Top Photos, Company Appointment Letter / College ID card of workers should be
provide at the time of joining.

2. The RSD Apartments mates should pay their rent and Electricity charges on or before 5th of every month.

3. If anybody do not pay the rent before 10th of the Month he will be vacated from the RSD Apartments without any notice.

4. Advance one month and rent in advance one month will be collected at the time of joining.

5. Those who want to vacate should inform office one month in advance by writing otherwise the Advance amount will not be refunded.

6. The Advance Amount will be refunded immediately after vacating.

9. All RSD Apartments mates should stay only in their respective rooms allocated to them. They are to sleep in their allocated cots only.

10. If any occupants want to change the room should inform the office.

11. The RSD Apartments mates are responsible for loss of damage of any fittings  or furniture in the room (Fine will be charged).

12. Nobody should sublet the room or cot.

13. Room service not available.

14. Do not tip the workers and do not keep transaction with them.

15. RSD Apartments mates should use bed spreads.

16. All RSD Apartment mates should keep their rooms, bath & Toilet rooms neat and tidy.

17. Wearing outside slippers or shoes are not allowed inside the hall or the rooms of the RSD Apartments. They must kept in the allocated place.

18. RSD Apartments mates are permitted to each the T.V. Programs and using the washing machine from 6.00AM to 10.30 PM.

19. Using Mobile Phone Inside the room is not allowed between 11.00 PM to 6.00 AM.

20. The RSD Apartments are strictly informed that they should switch off the lights by 11 ‘O’ Clock in the nights. After 11 PM all should maintain silence.

21. Members are requested to be very economical in the use of water and electricity.

22. Visitors are permitted to meet the RSD Apartments Mates only in the allocated place of the RSD Apartments.

23. Any compliance of grievance should be lodged only with the warden.

24. Every year by January the rent will be increased and notification will be given to the PG mates by one month before.

25. There will be deduction in rent if the resident if going for holidays during their staying period.

26. The management is empowered to vacate the person who violate the rules and regulation of RSD Apartments.

27. The room should be used only for staying purpose not for commercial use.

28. For safety purpose the iron box, sandwich toaster, kettle should not use inside the room or RSD apartments. If found Rs.500/- will be charged.

29. All the RSD Apartments mates should keep discipline and ask to follow the rule and regulation in the PAY GUEST.

30. Liquor, Smoking or Pan Masala is strictly not allowed inside the PAYING GUEST.

31. No guest's friends or any relatives are not allowed inside the premises.You meet them in the parking area only. Strictly not allowed in room.

32. All your couriers, parcels letters collect from security table.

33. Food delivery mans like SWIGGY, UBER, AND ZOMOTO are not allowed insidethe building premises. Please collect your food parcels at vehicle parking point.

34. Prior proper permission to be taken from management for stay offather / mother only.

35. Management is not responsible for any kind of loss of your personal things.So keep your things carefully in the given personal locker.

36. Management reserves rights to change rules accordingly from time to time.